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A. Herrmann, A. Steindl / ats (start page)
P. Winandy (conference page)
A. Herrmann / ats (location page)
RWTH, T. Riehle, A. Ramalho Mendes (venue page)
Kulturbetrieb der Stadt Aachen (reception page)
A. Herrmann / ats (banquet page)
A. Herrmann / ats, Forschungszentrum Jülich, B. Hentschel / VR Group RWTH Aachen (excursions page)
Forschungszentrum Jülich (tour to Jülich Supercomputing Centre page)
A. Herrmann / ats (tour cathedral page)
A. Herrmann / ats (tour old town page)
B. Hentschel / VR Group RWTH Aachen (tour aixCAVE)


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The website of the Euro-Par 2013 Conference has been compiled with due diligence. However, we neither guarantee nor accept liability for the information being up-to-date, complete or accurate.

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Privacy Policy

The web content of the Central University Administration, central administration facilities, group representatives, institutes, chairs, and research areas are coordinated independently under the direction of apppointed web coordinators and webmasters. Information on how we collect and manage user data including questions of liability can be found in the Privacy Policy.


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